Fairway media

Fairway media


Brand Positioning

Determine brand positioning on the market

Competition Analysis

Identify market opportunities and threats


Develop Strategy

Determine brand core values

Establish the approach for how a media campaign may succeed

Present a forecast and the long term objectives


Planning & Buying

Select the KPI for tracking the results of a media campaign

Negotiate with all media suppliers

Manage the media plan and analyze the final results

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We are a dynamic company who strongly believes in advertising. Our way is to offer you the most effective and affordable advertising solutions.


We provide quality services at competitive costs, high creativity and flexibility, thus adding value to your money.

Creative Design and Production

We believe that reputation cannot be given, but must be earned and maintained. Our way is to offer you the most effective and affordable advertising solutions.

Strategy, Planning and Buying

We act in a FAIR WAY, as a trustful and reliable Outdoor & Indoor Supplier. Our vision is to become your No. 1 agency.

High Impact

No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often, at such a low cost.

Cost effective

When it comes to generate repeated exposure to an audience, outdoor ad is the most cost effective.

Flexibility & Simple execution

Its larger-than-life proportions and endless creative options grab and hold the consumer’s attention.

Constant & repetitive exposure

Seven days a week / 31 days a month, Outdoor delivers your message, over and over again consumers have your message just in front of them.

Right message, at the Right time

Outdoor advertising is the final reminder of a brand, product or service, just before the point of purchase it is the most visible media, being exposed to everyone.

Delivers viewers

Consumers spend more time in vehicles than ever before this makes Outdoor advertising more powerful than ever before.